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      advancing artists’ moving image


      Saphir by Zineb Sedira

      In recognition of her major new work for the French Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, we are showcasing FVU’s 2006 commission by Zineb Sedira for a month on FVU Watch. A reflection on the tides of history that continue to flow between France and Algeria, embodied in the parallel fates of two iconic protagonists, it highlights the themes of displacement, longing and loss that have animated Sedira's practice for three decades.


      Wings of Love by Craig David Parr

      Craig David Parr’s Wings of Love is a Gothic mystery tale that meanders from hazy memories of a once-ubiquitous popular painting to shadowy auguries of a sinister subterranean psychogeography before it mushrooms and mutates into a weird witches’ brew of pagan Magick and millennial conspiracy theory.


      3 hours from here: an English Journey by Andrew Cross

      A slow-moving road film shot from the cab of a long-distance lorry as it hauls goods from Southampton to Manchester, Andrew Cross’s 3 hours from here: an English Journey is a timely look at precarious distribution networks across the UK.


      Treeline by Ruth Maclennan

      Commissioned as part of our collaboration with Forestry England ‘In the Forest Something Stirred’, Maclennan’s panoramic patchwork of forest footage is a timely reminder of the interconnectedness of the planet.


      Film and Video Umbrella makes moving-image works by artists. For three decades FVU has led the way in championing new creative talent and promoting innovative ideas. During that time we have commissioned many of the foremost figures in the field, working in close collaboration with a diverse range of venues, nationally and internationally. Browse our project page to find out more and view clips of the works.  


      We aim to run at least one open call opportunity per year. Please sign up to our e-bulletin for updates. 

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      FVU Recommends

      Dreams have no titles | Zineb Sedira

      Zineb Sedira’s film installation investigates the drive to make militant films in the 1960s and ’70s, a testament to the cultural partnerships forged in the past between the two sides of the Mediterranean. Zineb Sedira has transformed the French Pavilion into a film studio, blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality, between personal and collective memory.

      Giardini, Venice Berlinale, 23 April - 27 November 2022

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